Leather Binding Polish/Restorer Fredelka Formula 4oz




Minimum quantity for "Leather Binding Polish/Restorer Fredelka Formula 4oz" is 1.

Originally developed for use on fine leather bindings and sold under the name FredElka Formula, this unique leather treatment has since found a wider range of appplications preserving and protecting quality leather work.

Invented by Fred Harris Shihadeh, an internationally respected custom bookbinder, who was unhappy with the leather restorative and and preservation formulas available to him. The product that he sold as FredElka Formula and which is now sold as Accessible Preservatives is a unique combination of neatsfoot oil, beeswax and microwax that together serve to rejuvenate, protect and polish leathers both old and new.


  • Penetrates all Natural Leathers 
  • Cleans Effectively
  • Contains no Flammable or Volatile Components
  • Replaces Original Ols, Preventing Embrittlement
  • Provides a Defensive Buffer Against External Pollutants
  • Penetrates Deeply Ensuring a Scuff Resistant Surface With a Rich Patina