Golden Cockerel Press

Founded in 1920 by four partners the Golden Cockerel Press would become one of the major private presses of the twentieth century. The idealism of the founders sisn't last long and they sold the business to Robert Gibbings and it was under his that the press produced much of its finest work. Gibbings published 71 titles during his time at the press and these books were illustrated by some of the foremost wood-engravers of the time, including Eric Gill, John Buckland-Wright and David Jones. As the depression of the 1930s worsened the financial situation of the press declined and in 1933 Gibbings sold the press to Christopher Sandford who ran the press until 1959. Sandford lost money on most of the books he published and gave up the press in 1959. The Golden Cockerel Press produced it's last book in 1961.

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