Bespoke Bookplates

Bookplates, or ex-libris, have been used since the 15th century as a means of declaring ownership of books. They've been used by ordinary people as well as by the famous, and many artists, from Hogarth to Beardsley, have designed bookplates for friends and for clients. Ideally a bookplate isn't simply a label declaring ownership, its a little piece of art that says something about the owner.

So we thought we should try and help book lovers find bookplate artists and vice versa. To that end we're adding some bookplate artists to our website. Mostly the contact forms go direct to the artist, the exception being where the artist doesn't have ready access to the internet. We hope over time to add more artists to this page.


Gordon Collett's bookplate  Gordon Collett

Gordon Collett is an artist who works in pen and ink. He has been designing bookplates since 1989 and has produced plates for both private individuals and public institutions. For more details about Gordon's work please click on his name.








Rosalind Bliss BooklpateRosalind Bliss

Rosalind Bliss is a member of the Society of Wood Engravers and was taught wood engraving by her father, the artist and engraver, Douglas Percy Bliss. All Rosalind's bookplates are engraved on traditional wood blocks and printed from those blocks. For more details about Rosalind's work please click on her name.




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