About Us

The company was established in 2004, initially selling just online but now we can also be found at a number of Book-fairs in the south of England. The books offered on this website reflect my somewhat eclectic interests and so you'll find books from and about the 17th century, private press books, art books, as well as more general stock. We also sell prints, maps, manuscripts and a range of products to help you keep your collections in the best possible condition. 

The internet continues to revolutionize the market for used and rare books. Customers can find the book they are looking for with an ease unthinkable in the days prior to the Internet. At the same time this revolution has created problems with poorly described books, poor customer service and the lack of real relationships between buyer and seller. At Double-B-Books our aim is to embrace that revolution while maintaining the standards that existed in the trade in the days prior to the Internet. These include:

  •  Full and bibliographically correct descriptions of all our books.
  • A comprehensive returns policy allowing you to buy with confidence

Lastly if you have books you would like to sell then we would be happy to hear from you. Please click on the 'Books Bought' link for further details.