The English Civil War in Verse

February 7th, 2015 in category Rare & Collectible Books
English Civil War in Verse

A little while ago I was at an auction and ended up buying a book that I'd missed when I'd read the catalogue. It was only after the sale had started when I noticed a book in the catalogue entitled 'The History of The Grand Rebellion', published in three volumes between 1713 and 1715. Given my interest in the history of the 17th century I bought it, not knowing exactly what it was and without having looked at the volumes themselves and I find myself quite glad to have done so.

My first thought about these books when I saw the title was that they were probably about the Jacobite rebellion. The Jacobite rebellions are a consequence of the Glorious Revolution which saw the end of the Stuart dynasty in England and the placing of William of Orange on the throne of England. James II did try and land an invasion force in England in 1708 but was unsuccessful and the first serious rising is in 1715, after the first volume of this set had been published and if the subject of the book isn't the Jacobite rebellion then the only other likely candidate is the English Civil War and so it proved.