Rare Books, Ruxley Lodge and The Ring

February 17th, 2015 in category The Book Trade

Anatomy of an Auction I've just finished reading "Anatomy of an Auction; Rare Books at Ruxley Lodge 1919" by Arthur and Janet Freeman. Published by The Book Collector it details the operations of 'The Ring' at a country house sale in 1919. The effectiveness of the ring at this sale can perhaps be gauged from the price paid for a Shakespeare first folio, a book that would, at the time, fetch perhaps £2000 in a London saleroom was sold at Ruxley Lodge to Quaritch for just £100.

The Ruxley Lodge sale was a dispersal sale of the contents of an English country house belonging to the Foley family. The house and its contents were being sold by the 7th Baron, who it appears had little interest in and little knowledge of the books that had been collected by successive generations of his family. He secured the services of the auctioneers Castiglione & Scott to handle the sale, a firm well used to dealing with land and property but with little experience of the book trade and the books were badly catalogued by the auctioneers, making the work of the ring even easier; there were so many hidden prizes.

Double-B-Books Joins the Antiquarian Booksellers Association

January 28th, 2015 in category The Book Trade

ABA LogoDouble-B-Books is proud to have joined the Antiquarian Booksellers Association (ABA) as an associate member. Founded in 1906 and the oldest organisation of its kind in the world, the ABA is the senior trade body for dealers in antiquarian and rare books, manuscripts and allied materials in the British Isles. Members are elected solely on the basis of proven experience, expertise and integrity and we're grateful for the vote of confidence that our membership represents. We also believe that in a digital age, where so much of our business is transacted anonymously over the internet ABA membership is the best guarantee of fair and ethical treatment that we can offer to prospective customers.  ABA members pledge to abide by the ABA's Code of Good Practice probably the most stringent Code of Good Practice yet adopted anywhere in the world of books.


The display of the ABA badge pledges members to:


• the authenticity of all material offered for sale


• the expert and proper description of all such material


• the disclosure of all significant defects or restorations


• the clear, accurate and professional pricing of all material